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Al-Layl-12, Surah The Night Verse-12

92/Al-Layl-12 - Quran Recitation by Abu Bakr al Shatri
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Al-Layl-12, Surah The Night Verse-12

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سورة اللـيـل

Surah Al-Layl

Bismillaah ir rahmaan ir raheem

إِنَّ عَلَيْنَا لَلْهُدَى ﴿١٢﴾
92/Al-Layl-12: Inna aalaynea lal hudea.

Imam Iskender Ali Mihr

Most surely, it is on Us to deliver to Hidayet.

Abdul Majid Daryabadi

Verify on us is the guidance

Ali Quli Qarai

Indeed guidance rests with Us,

Ali Unal

It is surely for Us to bestow guidance;

Ahmed Ali

It is indeed for Us to show the way,

Ahmed Raza Khan

Indeed guiding is upon Us.

Amatul Rahman Omar

It is for Us to provide guidance,

Arthur John Arberry

Surely upon Us rests the guidance,

Hamid Aziz

Verily, it is for Us to guide;

Hilali & Khan

Truly! Ours it is (to give) guidance,

Maulana Muhammad Ali

And surely Ours is the Hereafter and the former.

Mohammed Habib Shakir

Surely Ours is it to show the way,

Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall

Lo! Ours it is (to give) the guidance

Muhammad Sarwar

Surely, in Our hands is guidance,

Qaribullah & Darwish

Indeed, Guidance is Ours,

Saheeh International

Indeed, [incumbent] upon Us is guidance.

Shah Faridul Haque

Indeed guiding is upon Us.

Talal Itani

It is upon Us to guide.

Wahiduddin Khan

Surely, it is for Us to provide guidance --

Yusuf Ali

Verily We take upon Ourselves to guide,