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Al-Layl-16, Surah The Night Verse-16

92/Al-Layl-16 - Quran Recitation by Abu Bakr al Shatri
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Al-Layl-16, Surah The Night Verse-16

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سورة اللـيـل

Surah Al-Layl

Bismillaah ir rahmaan ir raheem

الَّذِي كَذَّبَ وَتَوَلَّى ﴿١٦﴾
92/Al-Layl-16: Allazee kazzaba va tavallea.

Imam Iskender Ali Mihr

He (the most ungrateful) that belied (Al-Husnâ) and turned away.

Abdul Majid Daryabadi

Who belieth and turneth away.

Ali Quli Qarai

—he who impugns [God’s prophets] and turns his back.

Ali Unal

Who denies (My Message) and turns away.

Ahmed Ali

Who denied (the truth) and turned away.

Ahmed Raza Khan

The one who denied and turned away.

Amatul Rahman Omar

Who belies (the Truth) and turns (his) back (on it).

Arthur John Arberry

even he who cried lies, and turned away;

Hamid Aziz

Who says it is a lie and turns his back.

Hilali & Khan

Who denies and turns away.

Maulana Muhammad Ali

And away from it shall be kept the most faithful to duty,

Mohammed Habib Shakir

Who gives the lie (to the truth) and turns (his) back.

Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall

He who denieth and turneth away.

Muhammad Sarwar

except the wicked ones who have rejected the (Truth) and have turned away from it.

Qaribullah & Darwish

who belied and turned away,

Saheeh International

Who had denied and turned away.

Shah Faridul Haque

The one who denied and turned away.

Talal Itani

He who denies and turns away.

Wahiduddin Khan

who denied [the truth], and turned away.

Yusuf Ali

Who give the lie to Truth and turn their backs.