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القرآن الكريم / جزئها ٢٦

Quran - Juz' 26

Juz'-26 - Quran Recitation by Abu Bakr al Shatri
Juz'-26 - Quran Recitation by Maher Al Mueaqly
Juz'-26 - Quran Recitation by Mishary al Afasy
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Juz'-26, Pages: 502-521

Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 502
, 45/Al-Jathiya-33, 45/Al-Jathiya-34, 45/Al-Jathiya-35, 45/Al-Jathiya-36, 45/Al-Jathiya-3746/Al-Ahqaf-1, 46/Al-Ahqaf-2, 46/Al-Ahqaf-3, 46/Al-Ahqaf-4, 46/Al-Ahqaf-5
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 503
46/Al-Ahqaf-6, 46/Al-Ahqaf-7, 46/Al-Ahqaf-8, 46/Al-Ahqaf-9, 46/Al-Ahqaf-10, 46/Al-Ahqaf-11, 46/Al-Ahqaf-12, 46/Al-Ahqaf-13, 46/Al-Ahqaf-14
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 504
46/Al-Ahqaf-15, 46/Al-Ahqaf-16, 46/Al-Ahqaf-17, 46/Al-Ahqaf-18, 46/Al-Ahqaf-19, 46/Al-Ahqaf-20
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 505
46/Al-Ahqaf-21, 46/Al-Ahqaf-22, 46/Al-Ahqaf-23, 46/Al-Ahqaf-24, 46/Al-Ahqaf-25, 46/Al-Ahqaf-26, 46/Al-Ahqaf-27, 46/Al-Ahqaf-28
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 506
46/Al-Ahqaf-29, 46/Al-Ahqaf-30, 46/Al-Ahqaf-31, 46/Al-Ahqaf-32, 46/Al-Ahqaf-33, 46/Al-Ahqaf-34, 46/Al-Ahqaf-35
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 507
47/Muhammad-1, 47/Muhammad-2, 47/Muhammad-3, 47/Muhammad-4, 47/Muhammad-5, 47/Muhammad-6, 47/Muhammad-7, 47/Muhammad-8, 47/Muhammad-9, 47/Muhammad-10, 47/Muhammad-11
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 508
47/Muhammad-12, 47/Muhammad-13, 47/Muhammad-14, 47/Muhammad-15, 47/Muhammad-16, 47/Muhammad-17, 47/Muhammad-18, 47/Muhammad-19
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 509
47/Muhammad-20, 47/Muhammad-21, 47/Muhammad-22, 47/Muhammad-23, 47/Muhammad-24, 47/Muhammad-25, 47/Muhammad-26, 47/Muhammad-27, 47/Muhammad-28, 47/Muhammad-29
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 510
47/Muhammad-30, 47/Muhammad-31, 47/Muhammad-32, 47/Muhammad-33, 47/Muhammad-34, 47/Muhammad-35, 47/Muhammad-36, 47/Muhammad-37, 47/Muhammad-38
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 511
48/Al-Fath-1, 48/Al-Fath-2, 48/Al-Fath-3, 48/Al-Fath-4, 48/Al-Fath-5, 48/Al-Fath-6, 48/Al-Fath-7, 48/Al-Fath-8, 48/Al-Fath-9
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 512
48/Al-Fath-10, 48/Al-Fath-11, 48/Al-Fath-12, 48/Al-Fath-13, 48/Al-Fath-14, 48/Al-Fath-15
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 513
48/Al-Fath-16, 48/Al-Fath-17, 48/Al-Fath-18, 48/Al-Fath-19, 48/Al-Fath-20, 48/Al-Fath-21, 48/Al-Fath-22, 48/Al-Fath-23
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 514
48/Al-Fath-24, 48/Al-Fath-25, 48/Al-Fath-26, 48/Al-Fath-27, 48/Al-Fath-28
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 515
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 516
, 48/Al-Fath-5, 48/Al-Fath-6, 48/Al-Fath-7, 48/Al-Fath-8, 48/Al-Fath-9, 48/Al-Fath-10, 48/Al-Fath-11, 48/Al-Fath-12, 48/Al-Fath-13, 48/Al-Fath-14, 48/Al-Fath-15, 48/Al-Fath-16, 48/Al-Fath-17, 48/Al-Fath-18, 48/Al-Fath-19, 48/Al-Fath-20, 48/Al-Fath-21, 48/Al-Fath-22, 48/Al-Fath-23, 48/Al-Fath-24, 48/Al-Fath-25, 48/Al-Fath-26, 48/Al-Fath-27, 48/Al-Fath-28, 48/Al-Fath-2949/Al-Hujurat-1, 49/Al-Hujurat-2, 49/Al-Hujurat-3, 49/Al-Hujurat-4, 49/Al-Hujurat-5, 49/Al-Hujurat-6, 49/Al-Hujurat-7, 49/Al-Hujurat-8, 49/Al-Hujurat-9, 49/Al-Hujurat-10, 49/Al-Hujurat-11
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 517
49/Al-Hujurat-12, 49/Al-Hujurat-13, 49/Al-Hujurat-14, 49/Al-Hujurat-15, 49/Al-Hujurat-16, 49/Al-Hujurat-17, 49/Al-Hujurat-18
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 518
50/Qaf-1, 50/Qaf-2, 50/Qaf-3, 50/Qaf-4, 50/Qaf-5, 50/Qaf-6, 50/Qaf-7, 50/Qaf-8, 50/Qaf-9, 50/Qaf-10, 50/Qaf-11, 50/Qaf-12, 50/Qaf-13, 50/Qaf-14, 50/Qaf-15
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 519
50/Qaf-16, 50/Qaf-17, 50/Qaf-18, 50/Qaf-19, 50/Qaf-20, 50/Qaf-21, 50/Qaf-22, 50/Qaf-23, 50/Qaf-24, 50/Qaf-25, 50/Qaf-26, 50/Qaf-27, 50/Qaf-28, 50/Qaf-29, 50/Qaf-30, 50/Qaf-31, 50/Qaf-32, 50/Qaf-33, 50/Qaf-34, 50/Qaf-35
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 520
, 50/Qaf-36, 50/Qaf-37, 50/Qaf-38, 50/Qaf-39, 50/Qaf-40, 50/Qaf-41, 50/Qaf-42, 50/Qaf-43, 50/Qaf-44, 50/Qaf-4551/Adh-Dhariyat-1, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-2, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-3, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-4, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-5, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-6
Quran - Juz' 26 - Page 521
51/Adh-Dhariyat-7, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-8, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-9, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-10, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-11, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-12, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-13, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-14, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-15, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-16, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-17, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-18, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-19, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-20, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-21, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-22, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-23, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-24, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-25, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-26, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-27, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-28, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-29, 51/Adh-Dhariyat-30
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